SHIFT Happens

Eco Wellness Social Media Conference ShiftCon Media via

The ShiftCon website states, We can literally shift how we eat, raise our families and our impact on the environment.  It’s no secret that I have changed and grown as an individual during this past year. Things I used to be okay with, I simply am not anymore. There is no more “junk” round here. […]

No I’m Not Pregnant, but Yes We Went on a Babymoon

Jumping for Joy #adoption via

We are adopting a child from within the United States. Each time I mention something about “baby” or “baby coming soon,” everyone automatically assumes I’m pregnant. It’s okay. After all, most people only read the headlines and not the full story. But we are not pregnant, and still we went on a babymoon. Why? The […]

I’ll Never Get Those Moments Back

Ryan Beach Cabo

By Sunday morning of our vacation in Cabo (we arrived last Thursday), I told Ryan I would probably pay to get Internet access for the day. He said, “Okay.” I went on to justify (which I’m always doing, even though I never need to), “I really need to write my workout program through the Park City Half […]

Living Life vs. Blogging Life

Living Life vs. Blogging Life

I stopped blogging my 21 days early. That was kind of a preview. Time to start living life vs. blogging life. My blog is an outlet, a home and a place for me to share what I know to help Gutsy women not just survive but thrive. I have written thousands and thousands of words, […]