The Farmer’s Daughter {recipe}

Bacon Cooked

My father is not really a farmer. Like a farmer, though, my dad works damn hard. He is by far one of the hardest working men I have ever known. I grew up in the country on dusty, gravel roads. Three sides of our house were fenced in by cornfields. Compared to the life I… 

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Slow Cooked Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Drizzled with Honey

The Slow Cooked Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Drizzled with Honey recipe comes to you today directly from my new e-book. You saw the title, and your mouth began to water. It’s early morning, but you couldn’t care less. If you choose to quickly run home and get this in your slow cooker, I promise not to tell… 

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A Gutsy-Approved Dinner: 6 Simple Things to Make


I love the kitchen. I’m fairly certain I’ve made that abundantly clear by now. But most days during the week, I don’t have time to rack my brain around new and interesting recipes. That’s the thing about the kitchen and about healing the gut in general – it doesn’t need to be a big production…. 

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Almond Java Chip Smoothie

Close 2

I am fairly certain that a morning without coffee is, well, not really a morning. There is only one thing I appreciate in the morning as much as that cup of Java. She goes by the name of: workout. Over time, I’ve come to realize that the pair makes for one amazing duo. I typically… 

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How to Simply Ferment Your Own Veggies


Even though Hilary is brilliant, I have to be honest: Fermenting veggies is way too easy. I bought this jar from Farmhouse Culture at Whole Foods. It was a ridiculous amount….I think $7.99. But this stuff is so good for the gut, so I grabbed not one, but 3 jars. Ingredients: green cabbage, red beets,… 

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