How to Make Homemade Kombucha

GT's Kombucha, and how to make your own #Kombucha via

You’ve been waiting a long time for me to tell you how to make homemade Kombucha. The time is now. What is it? A fermented tea. The end. Kidding. It all began one day at the gym, on the treadmill, with my friend Jen. She asked me if I liked it. I told her that… 

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The Red, White & Blue Topped with a Lemon-Honey Non-Dairy Whip Cream {free recipe from my new desserts ebook}

American Flag on the Farm via 4th of July, 2013

Old Glory proudly waves on the land where I was raised. It always will. My parents are damn proud of this. I am blessed to know that American passion – all 365 days a year. I wanted to celebrate Old Glory with my brand new “summer eats, treats & desserts” ebook. Of course, I accidentally… 

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Organic Beef Burgers with Caramelized Shallots

Organic Beef Burger Mixture for Organic Beef Burgers with Carmelized Shallots recipe via

July 4th is right around the corner. I don’t care who you are, a great burger cannot be denied. This great burger starts with simple ingredients. Sliced, diced, chopped and minced to perfection. The main ingredient is, of course, the beef. Treat yourself well. You are worth a quality meat. I stopped settling for “doped… 

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Celebration: 3 Years Gluten Free & Sauteed Swiss Chard & Kale with Fig

Brown Bowl

“How long have you been gluten free,” I was asked while attending the 140conf in NYC this week? “A really long time, but 3 years fully committed,” I responded. “Fully committed” is the key here. When we do anything half committed, we can only expect half-committed results. For a couple years before June 20, 2010,… 

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Pasture-Fed Burgers with Raw Cheese & Fresh Herbs, Event, My Decision

Reagan's 5th Birthday - our Great Dane via

Our baby is 5 today. The following words have nothing to do with her, but I know this face will put a smile on your own…. I promised some follow up action from yesterday’s Raw Dairy: information and thoughts. Upon leaving Organic Pastures, I bought several things to take home with me. Truly Raw Cheese… 

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