Plantains + Savory Hempseed Flatbread Recipe

Sprinkles + Stack + Coconut Oil Brush. Savory Hempseed Flatbread Recipe

Simply stated, plantains rock…..and so does my brand new Savory Hempseed Flatbread recipe. I was never the person who at a ton of bread, flatbreads and the like. Instead, I grew up on and craved all things cakey-carby-pancakey. But somewhere along the way, I started wishing that I could just grab a piece of bread ‘n… 

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Low FODMAP Berry-licious Hemp Smoothie Berry-licious Hemp Smoothie for 2 Close Glass + Hempseeds Nutiva Organic

My Low FODMAP Berry-licious Hemp Smoothie is so refreshingly awesome that even if you don’t have to follow a stringent diet protocol, you’re likely to love it all the same. I was no stranger to Paleo, the GAPS diet and SCD when I was diagnosed with SIBO. I also wasn’t completely a stranger to FODMAPS, but… 

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Mini Bison-Bacon Meatballs

Bacon Frying Mini Bison-Bacon Meatballs gluten free dairy free unprocessed recipe

Mini Bison-Bacon Meatballs are perfect for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Wait, who am I kidding? Mini Bison-Bacon Meatballs are perfect on any occasion. They will even be a great dinner option if you’re joining my January, 2015 28-Day Inner Health, Outer Shine Group Program. Why? Because my meatballs are filled with unprocessed ingredients. This recipe… 

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Vanilla-Mint Mini Marshmallows {Free of all Junk Additives}

Vanilla-Mint Mini Marshmallows with Hot Peppermint Cacao

A Vanilla-Mint Mini Marshmallow would be acceptable anytime of the year, but during the holiday season and into the deep of winter brings them to the forefront. If you downloaded the free holiday e-book from last year, then you already have this recipe. I thought I’d share it for everyone today, since it’s Friday, rainy and… 

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8 Holiday Dessert Recipes inspired by the Superfood Coconut

Donuts Cranberry and Chia Old-Fashioned Donuts with a Cranberry-Chia Glaze

8 Holiday Dessert Recipes inspired by the Superfood Coconut It’s here! It’s finally here…. {Share this e-book on FACEBOOK with friends and family you want to bake for with you:)}  If you follow me on Facebook, you saw last Tuesday that my tests results came back: Turns out that not all doctors are created equally. After 10+… 

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