Full GAPS Diet

GAPS Diet Week 1 via www.agutsygirl.com

I have made it to GAPS Diet Day 7. The GAPS Intro was hard, and I only stayed on it for 4 days. For me that was enough because my gut has already healed to a point where I don’t need to limit things as much as some might. Even in 2009, by day 4 or […]

GAPS Diet Day 2, It Ain’t Easy

GAPS Diet Day 2 www.agutsygirl.com

GAPS DIET DAY 2 I’m really not going to post everyday on this, but I had to let you know that day 2 of the GAPS Diet is harder than Day 1. That’s because this is a diet, and all diets are harder the longer you are on them. Why? Because they are not a lifestyle. The […]

GAPS Diet Day 1

GAPS Diet Day 1 www.agutsygirl.com

GAPS Diet Day 1 Like any other diet, this diet really does go along with all negative connotations of the word – “diet.” Everyone is out there right now on the “anti-diet” diet, saying, “There is no reason to diet if you are just eating whole, real foods – the way Mother Nature intended.” I […]

But What About Me?

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About 3 months ago I mentioned my moments of complete silence. I embraced this again last night, and it was during these few hours when I came to my final conclusion. Let’s back up. I recently told you that my Perioral Dermatitis has come back with a vengeance, and during that same post I mentioned […]