6 Ways I De-Bloated Even More Since My 101 Days of Intense Gut Healing

6 Ways I De-Bloated Even More Since my 101 Days Intense Gut Healing. How you can, too. www.agutsygirl.com

My 101 Days of Intense Gut Healing ended on October 16, 2013. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years came and went. And along with the entire holiday season, so went even more bloat. It was the first time in my life that I survived a holiday season with zero bloat! In fact, since those miserable days… 

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30 Days Eating Only Whole Foods. 21 Days with No Sugar. 7 days “Detoxing.”

We Believe in a Thriving Gut, not a mainstream buzzword diet via www.agutsygirl.com

30 days eating only whole foods. 21 days with no sugar. 7 days “detoxing.” Yes, it’s the New Year. Yes, you’ve heard of all these phrases, books and programs before. When I first began writing The Gutsy Girl’s Bible: an approach to healing the gut about a year and a half ago, I thought about creating… 

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3 Ways to Never Get Sick Series {Part III: Keep Your Gut Thriving}

www.agutsygirl.com 3 Ways to Never Get Sick Series Part III Keep Your Gut Thriving

First it was Bone Broth the Beautiful. Then it was Processed Food the Rotten. The series wraps up with the 3rd and final major way to never get sick…. Keep Your Gut Thriving. Isn’t this what my whole blog is about?! But of course. The human gut plays a huge role in immune function. Depending… 

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Probiotic Foods vs. Prebiotic Foods

Probiotic Foods. Prebiotic Foods. www.agutsygirl.com

Most gut-health experts will tell you that in order to heal your gut you need a ton of both probiotic foods and prebiotic foods. I’m going to go out on a limb here and go against the grain in saying that, in my experience, you almost always need probiotics but many times you don’t need prebiotics. (Note:… 

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