What’s Holding You Back from Healing Your Gut?

What's Holding You Back from Healing Your Gut? Best image via www.agutsygirl.com

The answers to what’s holding you back from healing your gut can perhaps be found in the story about why I chopped my hair. (If you haven’t heard yet, I did. Here’s proof.) I pondered cutting the ‘ole locks about a year ago. I cut and color my hair 2-3 times a year. I know,… 

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Gluten’s Symptoms Can be Found Outside the Gut

Gluten, Ouch! Gluten affects more than just the gut. via www.agutsygirl.com

It’s true. I talk a ton about how gluten (and many foods in general) affects the gut by displaying symptoms of gas, bloat and diarrhea. We understand and identify with those symptoms. I was reminded yesterday while watching Dr. Oz (<- during one of the baby’s feedings = baby bonus!) that there is more to it… 

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Gelatin for Gut Healing and a Pomegranate Homemade JELL-O Jiggler Recipe

Great Lakes Gelatin. healing the gut with gelatin via www.agutsygirl.com homemade jello jiggler recipe

Here is something common I hear/question I get asked all the time from people who make my bone broth, Ew. I put my bone broth in the fridge and when I went to take it out, there was all this gel-like stuff on top. I shouldn’t drink that, right? Wrong. Drink up. No, you don’t need… 

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