I have been creating recipes for several years now, and while they have definitely changed over time, you will likely find something for any and every occasion.

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A Loving Spoon nut butter recipes

A Loving Spoon nut butter is my natural food company I founded. We currently have 3 flavors: Honey Roasted Peanut Butter with a touch of Fleur de Sel, Purely Cacao Peanut Butter and Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter. In addition to eating the product by the spoonful, many people enjoy pairing it with other things (like fruit, vegetables, crackers, chocolate, etc.) and they enjoy using it in various recipes.

PB I Make Peanut Butter A Loving Spoon nut peanut butter

Special Diets

In my private health coaching practice, I help women navigate special diets. I have created many recipes within these diets. They include:

{Please make note that as I just added all of these categories, all recipes on my blog have not been assigned a category yet.}

Holiday Eats

Various recipes for the holiday season.


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