21-Day New Year — New You

PROGRAM SOLD OUT. Second program to launch in February, 2013.

21-Day New Year — New You Program

The first time it ever registered with me that perhaps my stomach issues, bloat, joint pain, fatigue and mouth problems were caused by food and lifestyle was in January of 2006.

From January 1 – January 21, I did the first “detox” I had ever done in my life.

On days 1- 18, I was on autopilot.

On day 19, I felt worse than ever before.

On day 21, every single “problem” I ever had was gone.

On day 22, post detox, I went back to my “old life.”

On day 23, I was back to misery.

Upon making this correlation, my life was never the same.

My hope is to provide you with this same proof and hope.

You can see more on this story by reading A Gutsy Girl’s 21-Day New Year — New You Program.

The 21-Day New Year — New You Program will launch on Monday, January 7, 2013 and it will run through Monday, January 28, 2013. I am only offering this program to 14 people to ensure my complete attention for those enrolled.

What You Will Get

A 21-day plan (sent to you via email on Friday, January 4).

The plan will include:

  • grocery list
  • list of foods you can choose from to eat
  • list of foods we will not eat
  • a GaiamTV workout video (fitness, meditation and/or yoga) for each day (plus alternative ideas)
  • electronic food journal (so you can keep track of what you eat/what you’re doing and make correlations with how you/your stomach feels)
  • support group (a private Facebook group where you will have access to other participants for support and myself for questions)

Bonus: Special discount on the “Gut Check” program. Most of my clients began working with me by utilizing the Gut Check program. It’s a great way to really dive into your gut issues so you are armed with as much information as possible. I will offer the Gut Check program from January 1 – January 7 as a way for you to jump start the 21-Day New Year — New You Program. Original price is $185, but if you sign up for the 21-Day New Year — New You Program, you are eligible to do a Gut Check with me for just $115! Contact me if this is something you are interested in!

* If you enroll in any of my 1-on-1 programs after this program, you will also save 10% on that program.

21-Day New Year — New You Program Cost: $97 (plus the cost of your GaiamTV membership, which is only $9.95/month. You can sign up for GaiamTV here and you will receive the first 10 days for free.)

* Make note: In order to do the 21-Day New Year – New You Program, it is not 100% critical that you get a GaiamTV membership, as I will give “alternative” movement options. That said, between the movement and stress reduction things we’ll do, many of them will be done through GaiamTV. It will be in your very best interest to have a GaiamTV membership.

Ready? Simply select, “21-Day New Year — New You” in the dropdown box below. Once you have paid for your service, contact me and we will go from there!

NOTE: As of Monday, December 31, 2012, this program has reached the 14-person capacity! If you are interested in this program, please email me (sarahkayhoffman@agutsygirl.com) and do not pay per the below. IF I have at least 10 more people interested from now until Sunday, January 6, 2013, I will add on a separate group. Thanks for your interest!

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Interested in gifting this program for someone? Simply pay via the above or email me for more information (sarahkayhoffman@agutsygirl.com). Once you have paid, you can print the below image off or email me for the PDF version. Simple!


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