WHAT is Elimination Salvation?

By definition, elimination is: removal.

By definition, salvation is: rescuing, saving.

By practice and method, the Elimination Salvation Program is a diet. A “diet” is simply a 4-letter word to me; and it’s a nasty one at that. But a diet is typically a fad, something we engage in for a short amount of time. This diet is no different. You’ll start from where you are today, with the day-in, day-out of the misery that lies within your stomach. You’ll bridge it with me via “diet” (aka Elimination Diet). And you’ll end it with a lifestyle where you will thrive with much less (or zero) digestive distress.

We remove to save: Elimination Salvation.

But really, WHAT is an Elimination Diet?

If you are allergic to a food, you can go to a doctor or allergist. They can do scratch or prick tests to hundreds of foods. If you are truly allergic, you will react immediately.

This not the case, typically, if you have a food intolerance. Food intolerance causes delayed reactions. Delayed reactions typically occur anytime from 2 to 72 hours after eating, sometimes longer. Because of this, many people engage in an Elimination Diet in order to identify these intolerances.

The Elimination Diet is not easy. I will never tell people that it is easy. But it works.

There are many different theories, ideas and ways to go about the Elimination Diet. Ultimately, though, it’s a process whereby we:

  • eliminate food down to the bare bones, eating only digestive-friendly and non-allergenic foods
  • add in even more non-allergenic foods
  • begin adding in all foods (including allergenic ones), 1-by-1, on a rotating schedule
Once we essentially “clean out the gut,” and start feeling better, we can add in the various allergenic foods (i.e. wheat, corn, soy, dairy, etc.) and identify what your problem foods are. Remember, one person’s food is another’s poison.
How hard is an Elimination Diet?
It’s hard, as I mentioned above. I will never sugar coat this fact for any client. I will never tell you that the road from stomach misery to healing is a fun one, paved with butterflies, sugar cones and pink elephants. The truth is that this is hard. It takes more than just a small wanting to feel better. It takes true desire and 100% commitment.

Your success will be 100% dependent upon you, only you will be able to make it happen. I am simply here for 110% hand-holding, comfort and motivation.

I heard that during an Elimination Diet, I will probably feel worse. Is this true?
No. And yes.No. Not everyone does.Yes. Most will.

During an Elimination Diet, most people experience withdrawal symptoms. I was one of them. Remember, your body will no longer be taking in the druglike endorphin boosts you are used to getting from your personal poisonous foods. It might be upset with you for awhile, and will react via symptoms like: fatigue, muscle and joint aches and pains, headaches, more constipation, more diarrhea and other flu-like symptoms in general.

Everyone has a different theory about how long these last. Sometimes it’s only a couple of days. In extreme cases it can be a month or more. Personally, mine lasted about 14 days.

You will likely feel no worse than you have for the past few months or years, depending on how long you’ve been living with stomach distress.
But my doctor says food has nothing to do with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Irritable Bowel Disease. 
Food and lifestyle have everything to do with your IBS/IBD.


For years, I believe the same thing. I never made changes, I kept on with medications and antibiotics. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.


Now I know.
I respect and appreciate doctors. I need a doctor when I get pregnant. I need a doctor if God forbid I’m ever in an accident. I need a doctor for many things. But medications and antibiotics to treat the digestive system are usually just a temporary mask. Getting to the root of the problem (i.e. figuring out your offending foods/lifestyle) is critical.


Without uncovering the true problem, you’ll never heal that problem’s symptoms.


At the end of the day, you will simply need to ask yourself, “Is what I’m currently doing working? Are the medications I’m on helping? Is my doctor giving me the appropriate time and resources to help me heal? Is s/he investing in me, like I am in him/her?”
Do any other factors go into the success of an Elimination Diet?
Absolutely! This is another reason I provide this service with heavy emphasis on hand-holding you through it.


Remember, there is a huge gut-brain connection. In Dr. Natasha Campbell’s book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, she states, “Everybody knows what effect alcohol has on our brains. Where do we place alcoholic drinks? Into our digestive systems of course.


In addition to food, other pieces of your overall lifestyle could be contributing to your IBS/IBD. These include: physical activity, career, spirituality and relationships. In other words, stress, stress and more stress :)
If I’m not eating a variety of foods, won’t I be missing out on essential nutrients?
Likely, yes. That said, as long as your digestive system is not functioning properly, you are probably not absorbing the nutrients you are currently eating anyways.


Furthermore, you will be very surprised to find that many of the foods you will eat are jam-packed with digestive-friendly nutrients and healing properties.


Finally, since this is such a temporary way of eating, in the grand scheme of things, it will only help you.
Okay, I think I might be ready to dive in. I just have a few more questions and would like to learn a little more. Do you offer something before the whole package?
Yes. I offer the following:


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