Eat. Play. Love.

eat. play. love. Health Coaching Program

Photo by: Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker

My passion is helping women heal their digestive tract with food vs. medication.

Part of that passion is because I simply want women to feel their absolute best. I want women to enjoy their healthiest, happiest and stress-free lives.

Sometimes getting to this place has nothing to do with stomach discomfort. Sometimes it’s simply just knowing and acknowledging that the way you feel overall is not allowing for this optimal life.

I am well-versed in, literally, 100 different dietary theories. Some of them include:

  • Blood Type Diets
  • Ayruveda
  • GAPS Diet
  • Vegetarian (and all the different forms of it)
  • Atkins
  • Macrobiotics
  • Sugar Busters! Diet
  • Paleolithic

If you are a woman who is looking to lead this healthier, happier life, I’d love to work with you, too!

We can craft your own, unique program. I will work with you on a schedule and time frame based on your individual needs and wants. Simply contact me and we will go from there!



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