Gut Check

I can’t tell you how many times a day someone asks me the simple question,

I have been eating x, y and z. My stomach is so off. What am I doing wrong?

The problem is, it’s really not that simple.

If you are in this situation, but don’t think you’re quite ready for the full Holistic Health Coaching yet, a good Gut Check is likely just what you need. The Gut Check Program will last for one week, and it will begin within one week after you submit to me your 7-day current food journal.

What You Will Get:

  • a 7-day food journal review (your present diet) and health history review, with full notes and thoughts presented to you during our 45-minute session
  • 45-minute Skype, Google Hangout or Phone call to discuss your journal, my findings and your overall health history review (completed on your choice of day 2, 3 or 4)
  • recommendations of key changes that will change your health (provided on day 6)
  • 15 post-session recipes, articles, tips that you can take with you moving forward (provided on day 7)
During this week, you will also have unlimited email access to me, so you can follow up with any specific questions you might have.


Gut Check Program Cost: $185
(If you end up enrolling in the Elimination Salvation or 6-Month Gutsy Health Coaching Program post-Gut Check, I will deduct $49 off your Program package.)

Ready? Simply select, “Gut Check” in the dropdown box below. Once you have paid for your service, contact me and we will go from there!

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