What Matters Most

Babies and Dreams don't have to compete agutsygirl.com

I always imagined I’d work (climbing corporate ladders somewhere, somehow) or I’d stay at home with our children, at least for the first several years of their lives. I never imagined that one day I’d find myself playing Mompreneur. But there I was, big dreams, about to launch ‘A Loving Spoon‘ nut butters when she… 

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My Biggest Fear

Loving deeply gives you courage www.agutsygirl.com MOPS

My biggest fear, by far, is that Samarah will be taken away from us before her adoption is finalized. Today begins another year, a new season, of MOPS. This year’s theme is: Be You, Bravely. And despite having a plate so full that I feel stuffed daily, I decided to join the Leadership team. As… 

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If We Had Bone Broth Today, I’d Update You on My Doctor’s Appointment

We can't fix problems. Colitis. www.agutsygirl.com

Before we have broth this morning, click on image to enter this awesome giveaway – my A Loving Spoon Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter may be included:) This morning’s virtual bone broth date is a personal one, one in which I’m having with the only person who probably truly knows where I’m coming from and how I typically… 

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