Critical Bonding Period

Critical Bonding Period. Adoption

I often wonder if I missed out on the critical bonding period with Samarah. I see my new-mom friends with their newborns swaddled in tightly, close to their chests. They spend a good portion of their days clenched together as such. A lot of research seems to confirm how important the critical bonding period is…. 

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Samarah’s Mommy is Here

Jennifer Nace Photography on Adoption via

“Samarah’s mommy is here.” Those are some of the first words I frequently hear outside the door when I pick Sam up from daycare. The sweet, little blonde Jules always loudly lets everyone know, “Samarah’s mommy is here.” It seems like forever ago when this happened; it’s actually only been a month. But I have been… 

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Feels Like Home

Samarah Adoption Feels Like Home

California finally feels like home. On the day before heading back to California from Minnesota, I went “shopping” at my parent’s house. They have so many cool and authentic things that I wanted to take back to California with me. The last stop of my shopping was down the hill in a separate garage. It… 

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