Hawaii Vacation of Firsts

Samarah at farm. Hawaii vacation of firsts. sarahkayhoffman.com

Today marks the end of our 7 night, 7.5 day family trip to Kauai, Hawaii (and thus, crossed off number 19). In addition to this being my first time to Hawaii, it marked a vacation filled with several other firsts. There were two major firsts that sort of paved the way for all the others: I […]

Painting, and Wellness

Painting, and Wellness 28-Day Gut Healing and Peak Wellness Intensive sarahkayhoffman.com

On Thursday night I took my first furniture-painting class. We moved into a new house, I bought this piece and well….Pinterest. So I figured it would be worth my time and money ($95 for two hours) to learn a little bit about how to paint (in order to restore) furniture. Going into the night, I […]

Food, Then and Now

Food, Then and Now sarahkayhoffman.com

In 3 Shocking Things I Learned About Healing, I told you about how “hobby restriction lead to forced restriction.” And recently, I’ve been getting a lot of messages and questions via private emailing days about how I used to eat vs. what I eat these days. I have reflected on food, then and now a […]