How Long Will It Take to Heal My Gut?

How long will it take to heal my gut? 21-Day New Year, Wellness You Program for Gut healing

Can I just tell you that this is one of the most common questions I hear, “How long will it take to heal my gut?” Day 79: Redirect Your Resources Take some of the money you’re spending on unhealthy distraction, consolations and indulgences, and re-route it toward your healthy-living priorities instead. Revolutionary Act #79, powered by Experience […]

Our Little Turkey

Our Little Turkey Thanksgiving hands Samarah year 3

Our little turkey Samarah is growing, and I can’t help but know that each Thanksgiving I will forever be thankful for that 1st Thanksgiving with her (three Thanksgivings ago already). Day 78: Follow the Money Look at your checkbook register and credit-card statements for clues about where your spending is inconsistent with your healthy goals and […]


Endings. Kefir. Nutiva.

Endings are never easy, but today marks my final day with Nutiva full time. Day 77: Eliminate Annoyances If something’s driving you crazy, deal with it. Noticing and resolving daily annoyances, messes and downers helps free up energy and increases your pleasure in living. Revolutionary Act #77, powered by Experience Life I made the decision over […]