An Introvert Reflects

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I learned in 2013 that I am the definition of an introvert. I have fully embraced it. Last night was my final without the baby. I wanted to sleep. I should have been sleeping, but my mind wouldn’t allow it. I was finally able to re-energize all by myself, in the calm and silence space that… 

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Gut Healing Post Have Left Their Harbor

Bloated March_2013 Healing the Gut. #Love

Tomorrow marks exactly 7 months that I have engaged in intense gut healing, and with this milestone my gut-healing posts have left their harbor. In case this is your first time here: 101 Days: Healing (June 11, 2013) Getting Nowhere on This  (Gut) Treadmill, the Road to Healing (July 8, 2013) Gut Healing is Not… 

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Moments Become Stories

Moments Become Stories via #Inspiration #Motivation #Blog

The day was interrupted quickly yesterday when we thought the baby might be getting sick. Since the flu has been killing so many in California, I am taking nothing lightly when it comes to her. Call me the paranoid mom, but I took her into her doctor late in the afternoon. No flu, possibly a… 

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