Final Days Christmas Card 2014 Samarah Josephina Blog Best Image Adoption

We are in the final days on our 60-day countdown. On Sunday, we did Samarah’s pictures for our Christmas card. We walked into church that day, and the entryway was so simple and beautiful that we decided to ask our Pastor if we could grab a few quick pictures of her after all services. He… 

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17+ Ideas for Small Business Saturday Shopping

17+ Small Business Saturday Shopping Ideas

Today is Small Business Saturday. Yesterday my alarm went off at 3:30am. I hobbled out of bed, got ready and made the 70+-minute drive to my Commercial Kitchen. 170+ jars were produced, and then I made the trek home. I was recently diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue (more on this later this week likely) and so,… 

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National Adoption Day and News

Samarah National Adoption Day 2014

Today is National Adoption Day. For 30 years, this day meant nothing. And then at the end of my 30th year, it became my everything. I have been thinking all week long about what adoption means to me. It means so, so much but I’ve been fighting through the words and emotions to express it. And then I stumbled upon… 

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Unanswered Prayers

Flying Bee Palm Tree Ryan Samarah

My Freshman year of college, I suffered from a broken heart for a very (very) long time. From who, from what is not important anymore in my life. Like most broken hearts, it mended. But I never, ever forgot an email my mother sent to me one day during that time. (To paraphrase), she said: I… 

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