If we had broth together today….

A Gutsy Baby Coconut Manna via www.agutsygirl.com Nutiva

If we had broth together today, I’d tell you that this has been an incredible and incredibly eye-opening week. I’d sip out of my owl mug, how about you? {Side note: I did not invent this notion of sitting down virtually with you to discuss “life.” I believe it was my friend Carla who did, back… 

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Choices via www.agutsygirl.com

We make choices every single day, nearly every single second. I put up the following picture on Instagram last night: I captioned with, Choices: I literally have 1 hour to myself today. I chose preparing good food and sipping on @guayaki vs working out. It’s all I have in me. #mompreneur#entrepreneur The choices I make are no better… 

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From Indeterminate Crohn’s/Colitis to a Healing Path with Abby Lindblade

www.agutsygirl.com Story of Abby Lindblade

Last Friday, I was tagged on Instagram in this egg photo. The caption read as such: #Farmfreshfriday eggs straight from the farm thanks to @sarahkayhoffman & her #21day #gutsygirl #guthealing I can now eat a whole egg with no problems! I had never “met” Abby before that moment, but in that moment, I remembered all the reasons I spent countless hours researching and… 

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Hard and Boring

Hard and Boring via www.agutsygirl.com

We are great at confusing hard with boring. When I was walking on an incline the other morning via dreadmill (no, not running – I’m still on 101 days with no cardio) as a warm up prior to working with my trainer, I got about 7 minutes into it and thought, “I’m out of breath…. 

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