Coconut Milk

3 Coconut Milk Brands I Buy & Recommend

It’s non-negotiable as to whether or not I have Coconut Milk in the house. I use it for everything. Coconut Milk could be placed in the Gutsy Pantry, but I placed it in the Gutsy Fridge, as this is the place I store mine just before use. Why Coconut Milk? Other than the fact that I… 

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Baked Breakfast Turkey Patties

Baked Breakfast Turkey Patties via #recipe #unprocessed #paleo #eatrealfood

I’m hungry this morning for a gigantic bowl of bone broth and a couple Baked Breakfast Turkey Patties. I’m heading to my Commercial Kitchen this morning, and this breakfast is the perfect one for pre-car ride or to take with me (since everyone always wants to know about simple breakfasts-on-the-run). You won’t need many things…. 

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Mini Pumpkin-Chai Muffins {Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Unprocessed}

Mini Pumpkin-Chai Muffins #GlutenFree #GrainFree #DairyFree #unprocessed

A Pumpkin-Chai Muffin might remind you of fall or the holidays, but don’t let those reminders trick you into thinking they are the only times you can dig into these flavors. I created a Mini Pumpkin-Chai Muffin for my 2013 Unprocessed Holiday ebook. In case you haven’t had the chance to download the free ebook yet,… 

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Life is Too Short to Stuff Tradition in a Bottom Kitchen Drawer

Traditional Kitchen towels via homemade by Sarah

My mother’s lifelong home and kitchen dreams are inspired by the Primitive style. I’ve always known what mine are, but it wasn’t until Christmas this year when I was able to fully communicate and place a label on my own home and kitchen style. This label would be: A Traditional Foodie Kitchen. My parents gifted me… 

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In the Gutsy Pantry Intro, Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Melting. In the Gutsy Pantry. via #CoconutOil

Yesterday I introduced you to the Gutsy Fridge. Today, I’m introducing you to the Gutsy Pantry. You will find it by scrolling over: Blog then eat then Gutsy Food and Beverage then Gutsy Pantry The Gutsy Fridge consists of various foods that you would find in my pantry at any given moment. Step into my… 

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