27 Thanksgiving Menu Items

27 Thanksgiving Menu Items sarahkayhoffman.com

Yesterday I shared my Thanksgiving Pumpkin-Apple Soup recipe, and I promised more for today. So here we go, my list of 27 Thanksgiving menu items. Day 72: Respect Your Environment Keep in mind that human health depends upon the health of a lot of interconnected ecosystems and the planet as a whole. Make choices that respect […]

Thanksgiving Pumpkin-Apple Soup

Thanksgiving Pumpkin-Apple Soup gluten free dairy free sarahkayhoffman.com

I know people are making their menus for Thanksgiving next week, so I thought I’d share a quick Thanksgiving Pumpkin-Apple Soup recipe. Day 71: Get Outside You need sunshine, fresh air and time in nature. Daily. Grab five minutes in the morning, five on the way home from work. Revolutionary Act #71, powered by Experience Life Thanksgiving […]


Learn the Secret healing powers of the Moringa Tree sarahkayhoffman.com Digestive

Moringa is one of the things I added when healing my perioral dermatitis naturally. Day 68: Slow Down Perennial rushing is toxic to the body and mind. Find moments of silence and contemplation where you can just be. Create margins of sanity. Practice the defensive art of scheduling breaks and vacations. Revolutionary Act #68, powered by Experience […]

Why I No Longer Follow a Diet

Why I No Longer Follow a Diet 3 Reasons sarahkayhoffman.com

There are 3 reasons why I no longer follow a diet. Day 57: Maximize Your Mitochondria Every time you exercise, you upgrade your body’s energy-and-vitality factories and build your metabolism. Revolutionary Act #57, powered by Experience Life Diets can lead to ultimate destruction. People go on diets for many different reasons, and when there is a medically […]