What is Your Favorite Cheat Food?

What is your favorite cheat food?

That is a question I am often asked.

In my former life, I would have told you, hands down, fro yo….in particular Menchinations (i.e. Menchies).

That was the former, this is the now (I haven’t had Menchies since June, 2013).

You will hate my answer, but it is the truth: I don’t “cheat” anymore. Cheating is for those who discipline out of hate vs. love.

What is Your Favorite Cheat Food? via www.agutsygirl.com

Many of the things I eat would be considered “cheating” to most:

“Cheating” is subjective, but I have chosen to cheat for myself instead of on myself.

People cheat in relationships for a myriad of reasons, but at the core of cheating is a level of unhappiness.

Claiming a “cheat food” and engaging in deprivation for earning rights perhaps demonstrates this same level of unhappiness.

It sure did for me when I hated myself.

But I’m happy. My gut is healing. I’m learning more and more each day the secrets for why (and how) I’ll never need to cheat a day again in my life.

Love your guts,

Learn some of my secrets and some new things I’m doing….how you, too, can begin healing. Join the 21-day spring gut healing group program with me!


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  1. Brooke says

    So well said, and so true. It breaks my heart how much food has been idolized in our culture, and this problem only seems to be growing. I have known that bondage, and the self-loathing that comes with it, well; but I also know the freedom that is available when we see food as nourishment and GOD as God! It’s definitely a learning process, but one that is so worth it! So thankful for your heart and your willingness to be honest and real!! Xo