Merry Christmas…..Blessed Beyond Measure

In the wee early hours on Christmas Eve Day, she sleeps off-and-on so peacefully right next to me as I write these words.

We don’t celebrate “Happy Holidays,” even though I say the phrase a lot (I like the ring it has). We celebrate Christmas, the day the whole world was changed when the most amazing baby, Jesus Christ, came into the world.

Not in our wildest dreams did we ever think we’d have our own precious baby just one Christmas ago. For that reason, this Christmas, I think so much about His grace. I have been able to treasure the true meaning of the day – the season – the giving, hoping, praying and loving.

It has been life changing. It has rocked my world!

Ryan and I, the baby and our fur babies will celebrate our first Christmas Eve Day with just the 5 of us; we’ll hang out, go to church, drink some bubblies (well Ryan and I anyways), make a Wild Cod dinner and just be.

Be….mindful of all we’ve been given. Be….thankful for what is.

We feel blessed beyond measure.

Family Pictures with Amanda Avila

Merry Christmas….from us – to you!

Love your guts,


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