3 Ways to Never Get Sick Series {Part III: Keep Your Gut Thriving}

First it was Bone Broth the Beautiful. Then it was Processed Food the Rotten. The series wraps up with the 3rd and final major way to never get sick….

Keep Your Gut Thriving.

www.agutsygirl.com 3 Ways to Never Get Sick Series Part III Keep Your Gut Thriving

Isn’t this what my whole blog is about?!

But of course.

The human gut plays a huge role in immune function. Depending on the source, it has been noted that 70-80% of the immune system lies in the gut. If that’s the case, then clearly it only makes sense that the healthier the gut, the better off the immune system.

8 Favorite Gut Healing Posts to keep sickness away www.agutsygirl.com

I’ve rounded up 8 of my favorite Gut Healing posts to help you get started:

  1. 14 Things I Learned During My 101 Days of {Intense} Gut Healing
  2. Gut Healing: 35 Days of 101 Remain
  3. My Greek Yogurt Alternative & 65 of 101 Gut Healing Days Left
  4. Gut Healing Doesn’t Work if You Kind-of-Sort-of Work
  5. 7 Pounds (De) Bloat
  6. Gut Healing is Not a Diet
  7. Gut Healing: the Bird Analogy
  8. 14 Ways to Begin Healing Your Gut

Want more? You’ll find 124 posts currently under Digestive Disorders.

Preventing sickness is not easy, but getting sick (and staying sick) is certainly not fun.

I guarantee that if you put into practice the things from my 3-piece series you will either not get sick at all or you will reduce the amount of days you stay sick.

Feeling your very best rocks!

And remember, I’m always ready to help you along the way.

Love your guts,



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