How to Simply Ferment Your Own Veggies

Even though Hilary is brilliant, I have to be honest:

Fermenting veggies is way too easy.

I bought this jar from Farmhouse Culture at Whole Foods. It was a ridiculous amount….I think $7.99. But this stuff is so good for the gut, so I grabbed not one, but 3 jars.


Ingredients: green cabbage, red beets, ginger and Sonoma Sea Salt.

Even though the ingredients were minimal, I figured there must be some complex process involved. I mean, how could it be anything but if the price was 3+ days at Starbucks?!

I wish I had a complex, super new and flashy recipe for all of this.

I don’t.

We can thank Hilary for her awesomeness on this one.

Some of the goods we used:

Asparagus Beets Cabbage Carrots

Red Cabbage

The weekend before, I got my jars at Williams-Sonoma. I chose the Weck Mini Mold Jars. I bought mine right in the store, but only a set of 6 and paid $29.99.

Jars Clear

Hils provided the colorful bowls we performed the shredded mixology in. Everything is brighter with colors like these.


Hilary also provided the food processor. I fell in love that day, and I naturally started talking about how I wanted one desperately. Word traveled fast to my in-laws and I was gifted one for my birthday. (It should arrive this week, and then I’m going to be even more crazy in the kitchen. Watch out.)

Hilary Food Processing

Again, fermenting your own veggies is simple.

Choose which veggies you want to ferment.

Grind them all up in the food processor.

Pick the spices, herbs and other flavorings you’ll want to accompany the veggies.

Combine your “flavors” together in one bowl (per jar).

Place a fill funnel over your jar.


Stuff the bowl concoction through the fill funnel.

Stuffing Jars

Yes, you want to pack it all in, but make sure you leave a little room on top.

The finished product will look something similar to this:


I made 5 different fermented veggie jars.

Jar 1

  • napa cabbage
  • cabbage
  • beets
  • carrots
  • sea salt
  • lime juice 


Jar 2

  • napa cabbage
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • meyer’s lemon (<– first time I ever had one of those beautiful nuggets)
  • sea salt

Me 'n Vegs Close

Jar 3

  • purple cabbage
  • napa cabbage
  • cilantro
  • celery
  • sea salt
  • lime

Jar 4

  • purple cabbage
  • asparagus
  • carrots
  • sea salt lemon

Me 'n Vegs

Jar 5

  • carrots
  • purple cabbage
  • sea salt
  • ginger
  • lemon

Can it get a little messy? Yes ma’am.


But then the process is done. The jars are filled, and the fermenting has begun.

I took mine home in the same box I brought/bought them in.

Jars in a Box

I placed them on the counter, away from sunlight for about 7 days.

Once they are fermented, they should go in the fridge.

I have been enjoying them daily, and I cannot wait to make them again.


So tell me….do you ferment your own veggies or might you start now? Any awesome combinations you have tried or want me to experiment with?

Love your guts,


  1. says

    What beauties! Love the vibrant colors! I’ve been wanting to ferment my own veggies for ages (I need a food processor). Thanks for making it look so simple!

    Also, aren’t Meyer lemons lovely? And, Weck jars are awesome :)

      • Judy Ridpath says

        They are beautiful…. Are you able to use canning jars? I can all of my home grown veggies, making sauces, salsas, pickles and much more but never have fermented any thing and looking forward to it.
        Am I correct that there is no sealing process to do like in canning? I can’t wait to get started.
        Thanks for sharing!

  2. Richard says

    This is awesome! I’m almost out of what I currently have and plan to make this is full effect. Only question is that, did you fill the rest with water once you stuff the jars with the veggies Sarah?

    Thank you for this awesome recipe once again!

  3. says

    I love this idea, I never would have thought of fermenting my own veggies!! YUM

    … haha and now a food processor has been added to by future presents wishlist. Might need to plan a wedding sooner than later after all, sounds like a legit wedding present? Ha, kidding :)

  4. says

    Such a fun post. It’s cool to see it all pulled together through someone else’s perspective, and your pics look great! We’ll have to have a fermenting party again soon!…Once I eat through my 11 jars in my fridge. lol Happy Birthday! It was so fun to see you and I’m so happy you got such great gifts and exciting trips. I’m sure you will use the heck out of your food processor. Also, I loved your Birthday post, got me a little teary xox

  5. Suzanne Reinhardt says

    Hi Sarah!

    You’re right. That has got to be the easiest thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen. Just an fyi – I got jars very similar to yours at the dollar store, and I got two. So, that’s right, they cost $2. And I just used my manual shredder. Eating well doesn’t have to involve buying lots of expensive extra equipment. :-)

    Thanks so much!

  6. Eve Ross says

    I am curious… it seems that fermenting would cause *gasses* and for things to bubble and expand in the jars… so is it OK to seal them tight with the rubber rings and metal clips, or will they explode unless left with a space to breathe? Thanks!! Great post! Can’t wait to make my own since the bottle I bought today near me was $13!!! Yikes. Crazy Wholefoods.


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