A Real Motivation Monday. Success is not an Accident.

I had a really – really –  phenomenal weekend.

I didn’t go anywhere, and I didn’t do anything spectacular. Ryan was gone, so I spent the weekend alone – enjoying me time.

Ever since I went back to eating the way I need to eat for my body and not taking any drugs, my whole outlook on life and my attitude in general is so much better.

And oh-by-the-way -> not an ounce of bloat since last Tuesday. (I swear on my bible – I can do for me what no doctor or prescription can do.)

Other than “work-work,” I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about my new workout program. I found myself so excited. I was so excited that I wanted to work out both Saturday and Sunday. My new training facility is not open on Sundays, so I settled for a Tuesday – Saturday workout schedule last week.

Working out 7 days a week is not healthy for me. My body needs a day of rest, but just one because part of my intense workouts is also critical for managing the Colitis. So when I was thinking about and planning for this upcoming week, I decided on a Monday-Saturday, fairly intense “plan.”

Again, I have this crazy motivation currently to be in the gym, eating super, duper clean and feeling 1000% percent of what I have these last several months.

Real Motivation Monday via wordle.net

Real Motivation Monday via wordle.net

Here’s my upcoming week of workouts:

  • (6am) Bootcamp
  • (pm) Legs
  • (6am) Bootcamp
  • (pm) TRX
  • (pm) Back
  • Cardio (Bootcamp)

No judging because I know what so many people are thinking as they read this, “That’s too much.” It’s not. Not for me. Not right now. When my body tells me it’s tired, I’ll back off. But as of 3pm yesterday I was craving to be back in the gym.

I continue to remind myself that,

nothing changes if nothing changes

And yesterday, I was reminded by Matt and Josh (my boss and counterpart) that,

Success is not an accident.

Between my workouts, how my gut cleaning is changing everything in my life, my plans and finally feeling like ME again, I’d say this is one hell of a real motivation Monday.

Go get yourself some, too:)

Love your guts,

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