Gluten-Free, Feel-Good Nachos for Cinco de Mayo

Well since I’m on “lock down” with my “diet” (ohmygosh I hate that word), this deliciousness will not be consumed on Saturday for Cinco de Mayo. It was, however, consumed a few weeks back.

I smiled cheek-to-cheek the entire time I was noshing. Ryan did, too!

I never used to be a salty/chip person. I was always cake, cookies and ice cream. Then I met Ryan. In more ways than just a million and one, he changed my life forever. As it applies to food, every time Ryan and I go on vacation, we can’t help but order chips and salsa and guacamole (and sometimes even – gasp – a la mode). It’s always fun at the time. But we always feel like gluttonous pigs afterwards.

With my healthy, gluten-free and feel-good nachos there was no gluttonous feeling involved.

So go ahead, chow down!

Gluten-Free, Feel-Good Nachos

  • Popchips Salt & Pepper Potato Chips
  • homemade mango salsa (shoot – I don’t have this recipe up yet. Come back tomorrow -> I’ll post it. Pinky swear.)
  • 1 Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss (you can choose any flavor you want, but I kept it plain since there is so much flavor in the salsa) (warm in a ramekin prior to pouring over chips; 15 seconds in microwave)
  • extra lean turkey
  • whipped avocado

* warm entire plate up for 10-15 seconds

Like this recipe? Print it here!

Note: The Popchips will get somewhat soggy by the end. There is no way around this, other than to gobble ’em up:)

Love your guts,

Gluten-Free, Feel-Good Nachos Ingredients

Gluten-Free, Feel-Good Nachos Ingredients

Gluten-Free, Feel-Good Nachos Ingredients

Gluten-Free, Feel-Good Nachos Ingredients

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