A Little Hiatus Never Hurt Anyone

It’s about that time. Time for my mental break.

At first I thought about how cool it would be to post each day from Sedona – you know, blog about all the beauty that Sedona supposedly is.

But then I thought, “What for?” I mean really, is there anyone that reads these posts that would be like, “Oh man….my day will not be complete unless I read about what she’s doing in Sedona.” The answer is – no.

And the answer is still no – even if you are my mother.

My friend Carla reminded me of priorities this week. She wrote an open and honest – and so beautiful – post called, “Do you make time for your second wave?” My first thought after reading the post was a plain old, “Oh how I long for the day when I’ll have the opportunity for a second wave as my child heads out on the bus.

But my thoughts quickly turned to her notion that oftentimes we just busy ourselves with things that yes, are indeed important, but are they the most important things?

My blog is important because it’s a collection of my life, stories and an outlet for relief for so many. But without focusing on my real priorities – i.e. being present with Ryan while in Sedona – my blog, work and everything I strive to become daily ultimately makes for a less-than-desirable collection, story and relief for people.

The truth is that the experiences and the priorities we set for ourselves are the pieces that make up who we are as individuals. Without them, we are “just like everyone else.”

I’ve been planning and looking forward to Sedona for a couple of weeks now. And remember, I’m trying to be more present. If I’m blogging the whole time, I won’t be as present as I want to be.

This is just a little hiatus. I will be back on May 1.

In the meantime, think about this one: Are you a gutsy girl? Do you have your own story you’d like to tell? Do you have a topic as it relates to infertility, digestion, gluten free, healthy lifestyle or simply just being an awesome woman? If so, I’m looking for a few great women (or something from a man’s perspective) to guest post on my site in the next few months. Don’t want to do something alone? Maybe we can do something together? If you are interested, contact me!

I can’t wait to hear from you.

In case I don’t respond within an hour, day or even 5 days….remember, I’m on a hiatus.

And a little hiatus never hurt anyone.

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  1. says

    Sarah, I found your lovely blog through your thank-you tweet to @MyCuisinart for one of my gluten-free posts. A hiatus sounds like a terrific idea–like a vacation from work, it’s refreshing. I only post once a week (Fridays) because that is doable for me. I figure no one has time to visit anyone’s blog more frequently than that, so … Enjoy your hiatus! (BTW, I’ll be posting my gluten-free strawberry shortcake tomorrow.) I’ve only ever been to Sedona once, and just for a day, but it was sooooo beautiful!

  2. says

    Have an awesome time in Sedona! Perfect time to go with the weather still on the cooler side. So jealous. And mental breaks can make us stronger. Its good for our soul. Kudos for having the strength to take one.

  3. Steph says

    Love it & you AND Ryan soooo deserve it! Enjoy my dear friend! I will miss your logs but I can wait 😉 Take Care of you! Much Love

  4. Matt LaCasse says

    Great post, Sarah. I’ve begun taking the stance that the weekends are non-computer time. This has greatly increased my enjoyment of the weekend, and made relaxing far more plausible. Have a great hiatus!

  5. says

    I love the quote so much…that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately…just being in the moment every moment. Being the best I can be just in that moment…not worrying about the future. Just now.
    Beautiful post!