On a Stick. And Gluten Free.

It’s not even State Fair time yet, but recently I got a weird craving for a food on a stick. I’ve been so whacky lately, so really it doesn’t surprise me that much!

Here are some things I’ve heard of “on a stick” at the fair:

  • pizza
  • deep-fried butter
  • deep-fried Snickers
  • deep-fried dill pickle
  • alligator
  • cheeseburger
  • cheese (and, go figure, deep-fried cheese)

Most of those are not gluten free and quite honestly downright nasty to me, so truth be told I’ve never had an “on-a-stick” fair food. I’ve survived!

With just 3 simple, gluten-free items you can have your very own “on a stick” today! Better yet, with this recipe you can eat the whole thing, stick included!

Un-Pig in a Cheese Blanket

  1. Cook the chicken apple sausages until browned to your liking.
  2. Using a toothpick, prick a few holes in the top of the sausage until about halfway through the sausage (to prepare a hole for the stick).
  3. Insert stick.
  4. Cover sausage with the cream cheese. (You will notice I lathered it on. Ryan and I liked it best this way.)
  5. Enjoy.



Ready for the REAL fun of this post?! Introducing pictures taken from my brand new Canon Rebel T3. I am in love. I have so much to learn!


On a Stick

On a Stick

Un-Pig in a Cheese Blanket

Un-Pig in a Cheese Blanket

Love your guts,

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