Power of Positive Thinking

I am reminded in the power of positive thinking today.

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Back to the power of positive thinking.

Awhile back my brother stopped seeing this girl. When I asked him why, he said, “She was always sick.” I told him, “You can’t fault someone for being sick.” He said, “No, but she never really was. She told herself she was and then ended up making herself sick.” He was being honest. It wasn’t that she was “sick.” He has more class than that. It was her negativity. The negative thoughts that brought her down were not about to bring him down as well. (I highly recommend an awesome follow up article on this, “Can positive thinking make you well,” by Deepak Chopra.)

Throughout this whole baby Hoffman process, there have been many months when I have said, “I just know I’m pregnant.” Turns out, I wasn’t. After a few of those months, people started saying to me, “just don’t get your hopes up.” And I started to believe that. So for these last several months, as much as I wanted to think I was pregnant, I told myself, “I’m likely out this month.”

I can guarantee you this month will be very different. I am only going to think that this going to work. I will never think of defeat. I can’t.

There is power in remaining positive. I think about my last half marathon and the battlefield that it was. What if I would’ve told myself around mile 11, “You’re injured – don’t get your hopes up at crossing the finishing line.” Right? I might not have finished.

There is power in a positive attitude. People want to be around other positive people. Positive people make the best out of things even when the best is hiding out. Positive people motivate others to become better. Some say that positive people make more money. And research shows that positive people live longer.

Most of all, positive people are powerful. Not necessarily powerful like the President-of-the-United States powerful, but they are powerful because “what the mind believes, the body achieves.”

I have a book which sits on my desk staring me in the face daily. It’s called,The Little Book of Positive Quotations.” I blindly flip to a new page each day. Yesterday when I blindly flipped, the book opened to….

Believing In Yourself

So I read a couple quotes. Like clockwork, the simplest one spoke to me the loudest,

First thing every morning before you arise say out loud, “I believe,” three times. – Ovid

I believe. 


  1. Jen Engel says

    Very true! I’ve been told I am one of those people who thinks positively…it just makes the day go better! Who wants to think about or dwell on bad stuff that you can’t change? Life is all about smiling and the challenge of finding the silver lining in everything!

  2. says

    This is a beautiful post. It’s amazing how our thoughts can affect what we are capable of and, potentially, what happens to us. I agree that positive people are more pleasant to be around, and more pleasant to BE, period. I’d like to be one of these positive people, too. Thanks for the thoughtful note to think on. Stay positive!


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