Use Less. Live More.

use less. live more. #DailyJoy 2012

Using less does mean clearing the clutter. But it also means taking a good, hard look at what’s left, what you consider to be un-clutter and saying, “Is this helping me live my best, most positive and healthy lifestyle?”

We will always need things in life, but how about applying the quality vs. quantity principle theory here as well:

  • Natural foods vs. packaged ones.
  • Locally-grown items vs. items coming from unknown places.
  • Simple items which require minimal maintenance vs. time spent on tiring maintenance tasks.
  • Less ingredients more ingredient(s) for better time spent on enjoying quality food.

Again, it’s not about dumping a load off at the dumpster. It’s about paying attention to the leftovers.

Using less.

Living more.

Making it all oh-so-simplified:)

Question: How do you use less to live more?

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