Create Your Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle looks differently for everyone. But the core principles to what make up a healthy lifestyle are fairly standard across the board. At The Institute for Integrative Nutrition we learn about Primary Foods and Secondary Foods.

Primary Foods Include:

  • spirituality
  • career
  • physical activity
  • relationships
Secondary Foods Include:
  • grains
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • oils
  • proteins
In other words “lifestyle” mixed with food, but lifestyle outweighing food. And it makes sense if you think about it. People aren’t unhealthy and overweight because of food. They are unhealthy and overweight because of the underlying issues which lead to an unbalanced relationship with food. And at the core of a healthy lifestyle is bringing these issues and imbalances to the surface.


Make 2012 the year you will create your healthy lifestyle by looking to things other than just food for true results. Understand that you will not change because you know you should, but instead you will change because you desire to.

Focus on your lifestyle and those primary foods. Ask yourself questions such as:
  • “Do I overeat because I’m constantly stressed at work?”
  • “Do I eat too little because I’m in a poor relationship, and I’m trying to control at least one part of my life?”
  • “Do I eat junk food 24/7 because I haven’t taken the time to care for myself with physical activity….why start now?!”
Rate where you are now. Rate where you want to be in a year. And make a plan for getting from here to there.


Ready? Start here –> I say: Healthy Lifestyle.

You say: ____.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out the Healthy Lifestyle board!

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  1. says

    You are absolutely correct. There is more to it than just diet. Proper nutrition is still a constant battle for me. I’ve made mindful eating one of my 2012 goals. I’ve read books, blogs, and research until my eyes are bugging out on what food to eat. So, clearly, knowing WHAT to eat isn’t the issue. 2012 will be the year I crack the code on WHY I am eating it.

    • says

      Yes…you are clearly an intelligent person when it comes to food. The hard part is finding the “underlying causes.” Like everything else in life, right?!