#DailyJoy “Born” from a Simple #SnackJoy


The #DailyJoy was born from a simple #SnackJoy.

The simple story of how:

I guarantee that at least 50% (if not more) of you reading this will make or have already made your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. That list will include everything from: lose 15 pounds to run a marathon to “get healthy” and get a big raise or promotion. It all sounds so great – so lavish and so – extreme?

I was all of that and much more. Each year my goals and resolutions became so high and extravagant that eventually they became nearly nil. And it wasn’t because I could not achieve them. It was because I always had goals that were the end result without putting the daily practices into place for achieving the small tasks which would ultimately lead to goal accomplished.

We live in a world of big dreams and ideas, but yet we tend to lack the discipline of the daily “doings.”

We want to achieve; we fail to plan. We are in the future before we ever recognize the present.

As I’ve truly come to better understand and practice this concept, so have I fully been able to embrace the #DailyJoy born from the simple #SnackJoy. –> And that’s the story.

#SnackJoy (from The Laughing Cow) means there is joy in our snacking, but yet in a healthful, conscious manner. We should enjoy the daily foods and snacks we consume, all while staying cognizant of an optimal healthy lifestyle. There is no deprivation. It’s not a fad diet. It doesn’t mean you will shed those 15 pounds overnight. It’s consistency. It’s flavorful. It’s joyous. It’s for life. And that ultimately hits the end goal.

#DailyJoy means that when we recognize, understand and appreciate everything we are given daily, “life” is beautiful. Finding joy in the small, simple things makes each day count. I believe the world needs more of these. I tweet them as often as I can. My latest #DailyJoy tweet, “Life is about a song’s tune, not necessarily knowing the song lyrics perfectly.” And when we appreciate the now we ultimately become a happier, better version of ourselves in the end.

Life is short. Relationships are priceless. You can never spread enough #DailyJoy!

This post is brought to you by my #SnackJoy with The Laughing Cow. If you haven’t had the chance to connect with this community come join us on Facebook and Twitter! Joining our communities is like having a group of dedicated “snackers” at your fingertips!

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  1. says

    Sarah! It is New Years Eve… 2012 is going to be awesome. I know this to be true! I found you thru Jenise Fryatt on Twitter and I am so happy “HorsePower” caught my eye! (Happy to meet you!)

    I just read the post about the gym back home, and thought it was great and made me a little sad because my ENTIRE gym is packed….waiting….(for the new house to be done, going on 3 years now). I am a work out / fitness disciple (and a certified physical trainer) and talk about it and PROVE how important it is to our way of life. Year after year.

    I am a licensed Alaska horseback wilderness and Big Game Guide in a very remote (fly-in) area in the mountains of the Interior. We, (my children and dad and I plus crew) live here year-round. Sometimes, not being physically fit… can kill you. We know this. Out here? It WILL kill you.

    I am so glad I found you! I hope to read more soon!

    • says

      Hi Amber-Lee! I loved waking up to your comments this morning! If you poke around my site enough, you’ll see posts about horseback riding. My husband and I love it, too! So great to e-meet you….cheers to you for a healthy and happy 2012! – SKH