Frozen Water Bottle, Lacrosse Ball & other Running Healers

I have had running aches and pains for quite some time now (not to be confused with these pains). I still struggle with plantar fasciitis, my sciatica bothers me from time-to-time, and I have not completely overcome the pain in the outer edge of my left knee. But let’s not sit around here today and pretend that I’m the only running with the aches and pains. I’m not!

I run through it, while taking care of it on the side as I can because it’s worth it to me. The aches and pains impact my life much less than the boat loads of sweat that pour from my face and runner’s high I get after each run! And whenever we make something a priority and truly important in our lives, we work around it – no matter what!

Enter: frozen water bottle, lacrosse ball and other running healers! Here are some things I do to continue making me a happy runner. They are all things you can do as well – simply and totally on the cheap. After all, don’t you want to save your money for new running shoes, compression socks (yes, I need to get me some, Clover!), arm warmers, music, fanny packs running belts and all other running apparel and gadgets?!

Tell me: Do you struggle with any of the same aches and pains I do? What do you do to keep on moving, in the healthiest way possible? (ps. For the record, I do many more things than the ones mentioned in the video. These were primarily just “feet”-focused.)

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