101 Ways to Be Healthy App

“101 Ways to Be Healthy” for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has recently launched. Of course you know I downloaded it for my iPad and iPhone immediately upon hearing the news. Remember, I have 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy looming in my house already!

5 reasons you must download it now:

  • Be surprised daily. When you open the app, you have the option to “surprise me!” Do this daily, and have one pleasant surprise for the day. Think of it as a bonus #DailyJoy –> you know I’m all about spreading this! I did this today, and here is what popped up (kind of like a fantastic fortune cookie minus the calories):

Build on Your Successes

  • Be inspired. You know you need it. We all do. Inspiration is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Without it, life is just a blank canvas.
  • 101. There are, as the app says, “101″ ways to be healthy. That’s a lot of awesomeness!
  • Learn more. Read the headliner. Then the tip. And finally, learn more if you want. For example, “Follow Your Bliss.” And then learn more with something like, “5 Ways to Practice Happiness” (takes you to a new article automatically, with just the touch of the words).

Follow Your Bliss

I’m always excited when I find new ways to mesh my adoration for technology with the healthy lifestyle, fitness and foodie side that dominates me. There are many apps I have, use and love when it comes to all these healthy lifestyle-isms. What are some of your favorites?!


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