Not only do I believe in the power of my digestive supplements as a compliment to being gluten free, but I believe they have helped me “heal!” If you don’t know my story and need a little background, feel free to read up. You don’t have to know my story, though, to understand why the 3 supplements I’m religious to are key. If you have ever found yourself asking the following question, chances are the 3 supplements I take will help you as well:

Why am I always bloated?

Perhaps this will help you! (Note: As mentioned in my FAQ, I am not a nutritionist.)

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  1. […] Buy in bulk. I talk about this one a lot because when you buy in bulk you can save a ton of money, and many bulk foods are unprocessed. I buy various foods in bulk. I do a lot of dry goods, which is why I’ve been focusing so much on kitchen organization lately. Get yourself some great bulk-food containers, and store your dry goods. When you are buying from bins, though, just be sure they haven’t been cross-contaminated with anything if you have Celiac. It can definitely be a problem for some. I also buy in bulk at places like Costco. I buy huge bags of frozen vegetables (plain, no sauce) and other items of the like. I steam or cook up much of this on Sunday evening to have for the week. Now you’re not only saving money, but also time! To buy in bulk you could also shop at a co-op or via (which is where I get many of my gluten-free supplements). […]