On Bookmarking: Community Management

Remember last week when I told you,

You’ll know I’m on the “sharing” mission for the day when you see an “On Bookmarking: (Topic).”

Today I am starting with 21 favorite Community Management Sites and Articles I have collected.

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

  1. Community Spark
  2. The Community Roundtable
  3. Community Manager Tip: Have Great Metrics
  4. 20 Questions for Managers of Online Communities
  5. 20 Ways You Can Encourage Engagement
  6. 20 Fantastic Content Ideas for Your Online Community
  7. 10 Ways to Show Your Community Love
  8. 11 Steps to Building an Effective Blogger Outreach List
  9. 8 Ways to Add Value to Your Online Community
  10. Connie Bensen: Community Strategist
  11. Jive: Community
  12. The Online Community (Strategy) Back to Basics Series: So far #ocb2b
  13. How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy
  14. Scorecard: Should Startups Have Community Managers?
  15. On Managing a Community
  16. Essential Skills of a Community Manager
  17. Want a Successful Community? Don’t Be a Social Media Manager
  18. Google Reader: Community (by Brian Kling)
  19. Community Admins
  20. 10 Tips on Adding Content Marketing to Your Mix
  21. From Facebook to Twitter: Save Your Community from Redundancy

What are some of your favorite Community Management Sites and Articles?


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