FitFluential Ambassador 11

When the FitFluential says, “Do NOT be boring,” I’m all ears!

So here you go, “Why am I the one to BRING IT?!”

I have to be honest with you all when I say that for me it’s not so much about BRINGING IT for me, but about BRINGING IT for those who want to read, learn and be inspired to live their own “Healthy Lifestyle!”

I believe:


Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest


And because I believe that, I CHOOSE to look after me the very best I can!

As of this past Friday, I am 11 months gluten free because of this. So I eat according to my OWN rules! My rules include:

Simplistic Food.

Simple Food

The Laughing Cow Cheese is Never Off Limits.

Never Without My Laughing Cow Cheese

Coffee Warms My Soul.

Coffee. Ah!

Gluten Free is the Healthy Life for Me.

Gluten Free is the Healthy Life for Me

I am active….


And also “actively” practice being a dork….

The "Fun" Running Gear

And I “actively” love life with a huge passion….

I. Love. Life.

I don’t have a weight loss story that will make you cry and have you thinking, “Wow – she has really learned how to BRING IT!” But I am a highly energetic fitness fanatic. My most favorite forms of fitness include: Circuit training, running, lifting weights, boot camp, biking, hiking and anything that gets an awesome sweat on!

At the end of the day, I’m just a digitally-addicted country girl with a (gluten-free) foodie-fitness flare. I have to BRING IT each and every day, otherwise my health (literally) fails me. So….

I eat well.

I stay active.

I do everything with 110% passion.

And I pray that somewhere, somehow it makes a difference in the life of someone else and thus,

I CHOOSE to look after me so I am able to spread the passion and healthy lifestyle in order to BRING IT for all the rockin’ people out there, no matter who you are, where you are from, what you’re doing, where you’ve been or who you want to be!

Join in the FitFluential fun!

Share with me: How do you BRING IT in your own life to BRING IT for the life of other people?!

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