I met Ricky Yean, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Crowdbooster, this past March at SXSW through great friend (and soon-to-be coworker), Josh Groth.

So many people are excited about this up-and-coming new community management, analytics and insights tool. I think it has a ton of potential, and I wanted to learn more about it and to give you all a “peek” inside it as well! Ricky agreed to a Q&A on Crowdbooster with me (and a surprise at the end)! Here are the goods….

(SKH): Can you give us the brief, 411 on Crowdbooster?

(Ricky): Crowdbooster is a leading social media optimization (SMO) service aimed at giving social media professionals visibility into the performance of their various properties with actionable recommendations about how they can optimize their activity. For example, Crowdbooster can help you figure out which pieces of content are resonating with your followers and suggest the best time to engage with them.

(SKH): How did you guys come up with the idea?

(Ricky): It was a long and iterative process over the course of 2 years that landed us on Crowdbooster. We were fascinated by Twitter and how it could make any organization much more human, communicative, open, and attuned to their community, and we wanted to do something to advance the cause and push for a better future. We started building a customer service application for businesses on Twitter that would help social media managers better deal with the noise by finding them the support issues that needed to be resolved immediately and offer them the ability to turn the issues back on the community to get their followers and advocates involved in supporting other customers. The project never grew legs and we went on and built a few more consumer-focused applications on Twitter. This entire time we stayed in close touch with the social media community. Finally we were funded by Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator in Mountain View, CA. In the middle of our summer funding program, we decided to take a turn to solve a problem that we’ve gotten to know really well – marketers have a hard time evaluating and improving their social media presence.

(SKH): Why did you feel the need to create a platform like this?

(Ricky): Social media is hyped up to be great, but how can we help the professionals in this new space reach their full potential? The problem our users face right now is overcoming the lack of information about their performance to be able to even begin strategizing and creating better content and engagement. Once they have the necessary information, our solution aims to help them experiment with content, timing, and other strategies to help them achieve their goal. Personally, we champion the cause because we know since this is a social channel, quality and authenticity will prevail at the end of the day, and we will be able to find and trust the best organizations.

(SKH): What are the current capabilities? Future capabilities?



  • Test and experiment different kinds of content.
  • Find the best time to send out content.
  • Schedule delivery of your tweets based on the time recommendations.
  • Identify your influential followers.
  • Identify your top retweeters.
  • Track RTs, replies, impressions, and clicks with
  • Set up multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Receive weekly email digests.
  • Find the best followers to #FollowFriday on Fridays.
  • Download or schedule delivery of your stats in Excel format for any time period.


  • Facebook integration.
  • More data-driven recommendations of your accounts.

(SKH): How long have you been working on Crowdbooster?

(Ricky): We started this project in July 2010, but the team has been together for much longer than that. We were all students at Stanford University and our dreams were to change the world using technology.

(SKH) What are the Top 3 Websites you could not live without?


  1. Crowdbooster (okay doesn’t count).
  2. Gmail
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter

(SKH): What is one thing not many people know about Crowdbooster?

(Ricky): Crowdbooster has a pretty fun user base spanning celebrities, government agencies, brands (and their agencies), down to SMBs and the really comedic individuals behind the funny Twitter accounts. =D

(SKH): Thank you, Ricky! I’m already loving what I see from Crowdbooster!

Are you interested in actionable analytics? Or insights to make you more effective? If so, I have a special invite today for up to 50 of you (first come, first serve) compliments of Crowdbooster. Just click HERE and get signed up to use the tool!

So what do you think? Do you use it already? Will you join today? Would love to hear all your thoughts! Make sure to send a shout out of thanks to: @Crowdbooster, @RickyYean, @dtran320 & @mlinsey!


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    Thanks so much for interviewing me. I would love to talk to any social media managers interested in sharing her / his perspective to help us better design this solution. Shoot me a tweet @rickyyean.

    – Ricky
    CEO, Crowdbooster