Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard for iPad

I was recently introduced to Flipboard for iPad by Mrs. Stephanie Wonderlin. I have had an addiction ever since! I have long been wondering how I could merge into one, consolidated place the things that are most important to me. And then it happened….

My first experience with Flipboard was last Saturday, over coffee. I downloaded the application and began slowly, but surely to play around with it. I was instantly amazed and happy. Logically, I tweeted my delight:

Shortly after, I received this tweet:
I wondered who that was, so I clicked on his profile to see: “Mike McCue – Flipboard co-founder, ceo http://www.flipboard.com.”

I flat out told him, “@mmccue You are an amazing CEO on your business! I didn’t hashtag or @ you & u still picked my tweet up! All my best -all hail the Bay Area!”

To which he responded,
My confidence in Flipboard skyrocketed! A CEO who really gets it and who has a killer product!

So what is Flipboard? I think Stephanie does a great job explaining it:


Other than the fact that it’s an application of my life, I absolutely love how stunning it is visually. I am a picture person. Seeing is believing and helps the visualization process for me. I am more likely to act upon something that is visually stimulating. Here is my example of this (Twitter on Flipboard – click image to enlarge):

Twitter on Flipboard

If you do not have Flipboard for iPad yet, I strongly urge you to download today for your coffee Saturday tomorrow!

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  1. says

    I also downloaded Flipboard last Saturday. I was instantly draw to it and it’s simplicity. I love that it takes the chaos out of social media. Yes, I even tweeted my love but wasn’t as lucky as you to get a response :) I am even reading this on Flipboard! Great blog!

    • says

      Thank you, Allison! I’m really looking forward to grabbing my iPad and heading to Saturday morning coffee today with Mr. Flipboard!

  2. Raj Ananth says

    I got my iPad 2 last Saturday and was introduced to Fliboard on Monday by my son, Raj Jr. and it is awesome!
    I have been blown away by its features and how seamlessly it functions to get things of your interest in one place! Its a perfect fit for my iPad and evry iPad should just not be without it!

    • says

      Absolutely, Raj! Glad to hear you love it as much as I do! I take it with me for some “light reading” each night before I fall asleep.