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Painting, and Wellness 28-Day Gut Healing and Peak Wellness Intensive

Painting, and Wellness

On Thursday night I took my first furniture-painting class. We moved into a new house, I bought this piece and well....Pinterest. So I figured it would be worth my time and money ($95 for two hours) to learn a little bit about how to paint (in order to restore) furniture. Going into the night, I thought that when the class was over, I would be able to go home and paint a piece of furniture with ease. I mean, how much could there really be to it? But as the class started, I quickly realized how much more to painting furniture there was than simply to just paint … [Read More...]

Baked Apple Stuffed Crumble gluten free, dairy free Organic Nutiva Fall O'Coconut

Baked Apple Stuffed Crumble {gluten free, dairy free}

My Baked Apple Stuffed Crumble was such a hit last year for the holidays that I simply couldn't wait to release the full recipe prior to fall officially launching. Where we live, it is still 90 degree+ nearly daily. To say that fall seems like an eternity away would be an understatement. But I don't care. I will will it to be here. Last weekend I bought about 20 organic apples at my local farmer's stand and made homemade applesauce for us to enjoy. From here on out, this is something I'll do weekly while organic apples are in season. When organic apples are in abundance … [Read More...]

Food, Then and Now

Food, Then and Now

In 3 Shocking Things I Learned About Healing, I told you about how "hobby restriction lead to forced restriction." And recently, I've been getting a lot of messages and questions via private emailing days about how I used to eat vs. what I eat these days. I have reflected on food, then and now a lot during these past few months so I thought I'd share today. (Remember, if you came here from my personal Facebook profile, please remember to either subscribe to my e-newsletter or via Bloglovin' as I don't typically share these posts there. If you didn't come here from there, you should still … [Read More...]

The Hawaii Swimsuit Diet

The Hawaii Swimsuit Diet

While in Minnesota this past July, I wore a swimsuit for the first time (Saturday, July 18, to be exact) in probably 2 years so I could go paddle boarding. And thus, I was able to finally cross it off my list. It sure does sound ridiculous.....and it is ridiculous, but I have been avoiding it for so long because "I wasn't swimsuit ready." But then Samarah came along and she loved the water. She would swim for days with her daddy, and it started to hit me that: I never want to be a negative role model for her, and I am not willing to miss out on anything in Samarah's life … [Read More...]

Nutiva Chia Seeds + Great Lakes Collagen Healthy Gut Chia Pudding

Healthy Gut Chia Pudding

The best form of collagen we receive is that which comes from the consistent practice of making homemade bone broth. But along my healing journey, I have added in Great Lakes Gelatin in many different ways, for many different applications, as well. I started making this healthy gut chia pudding a couple months ago when I increased my fiber intake from less than 10g per day to (upwards of) 40g per day. I am a total fiber machine these days, and I won't ever give up this practice again. There is nothing fancy or complicated about how I do this, and the secret is that as long as you get … [Read More...]