3 Shocking Things I Learned about Healing

These are the 3 shocking things I learned about healing during past few months….

3 Shocking Things I Learned About Healing sarahkayhoffman.com


1. Nothing changes if nothing changes….and sometimes that means an antibiotic and/or prescription.

know there is a natural way to do everything, and I believe in the power and desire to heal primarily via natural methods. I have done it time-and-time again (most recently with my Perioral Dermatitis). But the truth is that when it came to my SIBO, I was doing all the things (following natural protocols to a ‘T’), and after several years of not fully moving to remission, realized I might need a little outside help. I took Rifaximin (antibiotic for SIBO), and I take LDN now daily (for autoimmune). (Side note: LDN is a prescription drug that most western doctors won’t prescribe. It cannot be patented, and therefore it doesn’t stand to be profitable. But if you have an amazing doctor, you can learn all about it and get a prescription (if necessary). I go to the California Institute for Functional Medicine. My doctor practices with Chris Kresser. Chris recently did an entire podcast about LDN, if you care to learn.) I don’t regret Rifaximin, and I would take it again in a heartbeat if my SIBO relapses (which they say tends to happen more often than not). Why? Because I have a new lease on life. Sometimes we need extra help. I am no longer ashamed of this. (Side note: I would be, though, if I “couldn’t understand what was wrong,” but never stopped eating junk, processed foods morning, noon and night because that is simply just a matter of “nothing changes if nothing changes.”)

2. Hobby restriction lead to forced restriction.

If you would have told me 15 years ago that I had to, medically, follow the “restricted diets” I had to follow prior to getting better, I would have been thrilled. No gluten, grains, dairy, bread, starch, minimal fruit, etc? “Perfect,” I would have thought. “Now I can lose weight.” For about 15 years (age 17-ish to 30-ish), I lived a very disordered eating life. I look back and reflect on it as “hobby restriction,” even though it was anything but fun. During these 15 years of restriction, I did so much damage that it ultimately saw me to a place of severe adrenal fatigue, SIBO and autoimmune. Hand-in-hand with that went a digestive system that was completely out of whack and unable to tolerate or process anything. In order to get my gut to a place of healing, I had to focus real hard on starving gut bacteria vs. starving myself. If you think they are the same, I can promise you they are not. But both are a version of hell, I am convinced.

3. My real story surfaced.

During these past few months (after) I hit near bottom with multiple diagnoses and then clawed and climbed my way out into (current) full remission, I learned (because I reflected a ton – remember when I said this during the last ‘Catching up over Bone Broth,’ –> “I have my days and I have my moments where I question every single little thing. I worry. I contemplate. I over analyze. Lately, I’ve been caught up with the idea that things from my past have affected my current and future. That bothers me.“?) that having and living with these conditions is only part of my story. They are the symptoms, the mask to the causes, and I learned that by far the most important thing I can do for myself is to never return to the place of hobby restriction. I likely have a lifetime’s worth of stories to tell. And I’ll tell them, too….because you should never have to take the downward spiral I took, because my life is on a blog, because there is so much more to life and (mostly) because I never want my daughter (or your daughter) to take this downward spiral and follow in the footsteps so many children, girls and women take.

And all along, I still whole-heartedly believe,

When gravel roads are all you’ve ever known, you learn to find beauty in the dust.


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